Connecting people to place and each other

What We Fund

Knight Foundation believes arts and culture are at the core of community, connecting people to place and to each other.

We fund artists and arts organizations that create, present and provide access to artistic excellence and inspire engagement. We invest across genres and increase the impact of our work by focusing funding in the eight communities where Knight has offices.

We understand that art is about risk and imagination. We do not tell artists how to express their view and expect good art to be timeless.

Our investments focus on:

Authenticity and Inclusion: We fund to accelerate trends and activity naturally occurring in each community and support artists and organizations that reflect the diversity of the communities where we work. For example, our goal in Miami is to make art general, and in Detroit, to enable artists and arts organizations to help write the city’s new narrative.

Development of Talent and Organizations: We seek to increase the capacity of artists and the sustainability of arts organizations.

Transformation: We invest in the use of technology to create new ways to explore and make art, to express culture, and to reach, expand and engage diverse audiences.

Arts Program staff

Senior Director/Arts